Clear and Smooth Skin: Manuka Beauty Face Wash & Manuka Honey Face Cream Serum Moisturizer

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Manuka Oil Antibacterial Pure Plant Soap and Manuka Honey Royal Jelly Serum Moisturizer

Inclusive Skincare for All

We believe in Real Ingredients that promote Real Results for all skincare. That is why we use only edible grade Mānuka Honey MGO 100+ and Pure Honeybee Royal Jelly as the base foundation of our most exclusive skincare.

Our exclusive best seller face and body soap contains an even more powerful plant extract that comes from the Manuka plant itself.

Feed your skin real ingredients.

1: Royal Mānuka Serum-Based Face Moisturizer:

Our most exclusive Organic Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil based lightweight serum liquid moisturizer is infused with medicinal grade MGO 100+ Manuka Honey and Pure Royal Jelly to repair, brighten, and promote youthful radiant skin growth. This lightweight based concentrated serum is great as a daily moisturizer, nightly serum, and skin rejuvenator.

Please note: if your skin is cracked, flaky, and deeply dry, we recommend using our Deepest moisturizer -Royal Mānuka Body Balm as an added rehydratration throughout the day and to use this Aloe Vera Serum Based Liquid Moisturizer at night for best results.

Our Aloe Vera and plant based serum will naturally infuse your skin with the healing and protectant benefits of the concentrated Mānuka Honey and Royal Jelly.

No fillers-Only Real Ingredients Because we use no synthetic fillers or dissolvers, you use less product per use, massage gently into skin for 20 seconds and enjoy the glow.

Recommended for: acne, acne scarring, rosacea, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and anti-age.

Recommended daily use (morning and pm)

Aloe Vera base with Coconut oil base (carrier oil and repair base) Great for all skin types Highly concentrated (40+doses per jar) use approximately 1/2 the amount of moisturizer you would normally need to use

Great for day and pm use- (recommended thicker application for pm) Heals and protects with the benefits of medical grade MGO 100+ Manuka Honey and B Vitamin Complex Anti Aging Antioxidants of Royal Jelly Available in Fresh Essential Oil Scents or Fragrance.

2: Mānuka Oil Antibacterial Face and Body WashPure Plant Based Skin Care = Real Results100mL bottle = 30 day supply (highly concentrated)

This silky smooth foaming face wash is made with a very rare antimicrobial and antioxidant rich Manuka bush essential oil. Pure manuka oil is extracted from the remotely growing Leptospermum scoparium bush in New Zealand (the same plant Manuka Honey is made from). Research has indicated that Manuka oils prevent skin aging and photo/sun damage from harmful UV rays.

This gentle foaming face wash is great for all skin types and is based in plant-based soap ingredients for glowing healthy skinRecommended for: anti-age, acne, eczema, rosacea, and environmental skin damage/exposure Recommended for daily use (morning and pm)

Good for all skin types

Gently foaming soap, make sure to rinse off thoroughly

Manuka Oil: Up to 30x stronger (antimicrobial) than Tea tree oil

Manuka Oil: Can help prevent and repair photo damage