For Best Results: Manuka Skincare Detox Kit

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Best skincare Set for Clear Smooth Healthy skin with REAL Honey for Face Mask Step


Try our Best Results Skin Care Kit!

Treat your skin to some TLC and detox with naturally healing and restoring Manuka Honey and Royal  Jelly. This combination helps fight inflammation and oil causing bacterial acne.

Step 1: Clean Your Face!
Manuka Beauty Face Wash

Pure Manuka Plant Extracts are the most intense natural concentrations of microbial fighting antioxidants and soothing anti-inflammatory smoothness. We recommend massaging soap into slightly dampened skin for 2min to help remove old skin and damaged surface areas. Wash clean with waterfor a squeaky clean feel immediately. This bottle is highly concentrated and 1/2 pump will cover the entire face. This product lasts up to 30 days with continuous use and comes in scented and unscented options.

Step 2: Mask it Up! 
100% Pure Edible Grade Manuka Honey- Yes our edible honey works just as great as a skincare mask

Yes this is our completely edible and delicious Manuka Honey to use as a glowing face mask. This thick honey can be applied directly to the skin and used as a glowing and instantly restorative face mask. And yes it is completely edible. We recommend towel drying skin after step 1 and applying a dollop of honey to forehead and cheeks, then gently massaging into entire face avoiding eyes. Let sit for 20min then rinse clean with water for an instant glowand skin replenish. This is our full sized Manuka Honey and will last 30+ days with continuous use.

Step 3: The Royal Treatment 
Royal Jelly & Manuka Face Cream Serum Moisturizer to lock in the Goodness!

After removing face mask lock in your glow and continue the skin rejuvenation with this Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey infused face cream. The face cream uses a soothing and gentle aloe vera base that works great for all skin types and sinks in deeply for a lasting dewy effect. We recommend using this moisturizer twice per day with one of uses directly after the above cleanse and mask application. This moisturizer is a wear all day and make up can be applied over the top. Always remove make up at night time. This highly concentrated serum lasts up to 30 days with continuous use and is available in scented and unscented options.