Total Skincare Kit: Manuka Skincare Gift Box Set

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Complete Skincare Kit Gift Set

1. Mānuka Oil Natural Antibacterial Plant Based Foaming Face Wash

2. Mānuka Honey and Royal Jelly Face Cream with Aloe Vera Base

3. Deeply Moisturizing Mānuka Honey and Royal Jelly Body Butter with Shea and Cocoa Butter Base

Choose your scents for each with beautifully inspired essential oil fragrances.

1. Manuka Beauty Face Wash

Manuka plant based foaming face wash contains rare and exclusive manuka oil directly from the manuka plant (same plant that bees make Mānuka Honey from).

Research has indicated, using this plant oil is highly effective as a face & body wash while remaining gentle and soothing. Mānuka plants are part of the tea tree family and have a eucalyptus-like smell you can smell in the face wash (especially our fragrance free option). Research has also indicated Mānuka oils can protect and reverse sun damage and wrinkles.

Use 1/2 a pump (because we made this highly concentrated and did not dilute or deactivate with a bunch of filler and water). 1 bottle lasts approximately 30 days for 1 person.


2. Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Face Cream Serum

Made with REAL Mānuka Honey and Pure HoneyBee Royal Lightweight Plant Based Facial Moisturizer Serum

Exclusive Organic Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil based lightweight moisturizer Richly infused with medicinal grade Manuka Honey MGO 100+ and Pure Royal Jelly

Repairs, brightens, and promote youthful radiant skin growth

Packed with high quality best honey in the world – Manuka honey – contains minerals and vitamins; improved hydration helps with wrinkles, fine lines and makes the skin glow Added bonus of exclusive Royal Jelly for skin rejuvenation and regrowth

3. Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Deep Moisturizing Body Butter:  

Pure Mānuka Honey MGO 100+ and Pure Royal Jelly

Shea and Cocoa Butter base

Promotes new, healthy skin regrowth and repair

Deep Moisturizing, Thick Long-Lasting Body Butter

Available in Fresh Essential Oil Scents or Fragrance Free

Royal Jelly for skin rejuvenation

New Zealand Mānuka Honey for ultimate skin protection and hydration

Coupled with the soothing creamy texture of she and cocoa butter 100g size each