3 Bottle Mix & Match Fragrance Manuka Beauty Face Wash

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3 Bottle Discount Pack


Foaming Natural Plant Based Face Wash Made with Pure Manuka Oil

Pure Plant Based Skin Care = Real Results
100mL bottle = 30 day supply (highly concentrated)

Feed your skin real ingredients.

Why Manuka Oil?

We use exclusive and rare Manuka oil in our natural base soap for the best results for all skin types. Manuka oil is the most concentrated way to get the full benefits of this amazing plant, oil vs the honey(nectar) that is used in our soap so that your skin can absorb the maximum amount of plant antioxidants and nutrients. We use our Manuka Honey in our moisturizer that will remain on the skin longer for better absorption.

Manuka Oil Skin Benefits:

* antibacterial (pure concentration of Manuka plant oil, from New Zealand and Australia)

*repairs and soothes skin to promote healthy glowing regrowth

* anti-inflammatory powerful antioxidants

* helps to protect and heal sun damage

*recommended for eczema, dry, irritated or acne skin.