Sleep and Relaxation: Rainforest Honey

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Organic Wild Rainforest Honey, Wild Mimosa Nectar Blend

Mimosa Serotonin Booster- for Sleep and Relaxation

Sweetest Taste, Floral and Rich Raw Honey

Wild Organic Rainforest Honey

Primarily wild Mimosa nectar- known for increasing serotonin levels aiding in sleep and relaxation

Great as a nighttime honey as a treat or in tea

USA Tested, USA Poured
Each Jar: 8oz/ 225g
Single source Brazilian Wild Raw Pure Honey
No additives, straight from the wild,-made from untouched nature

Sweet, Healthy, Pure Nature

Award winning taste, sweet, floral, and nutrient rich.

Great as a healthy replacement to any sweetener

Natural Energy- with a NO crash low glycemic

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