Alpha Honey Hanuka Manuka Honey - Superior Taste Award by the International Taste Institute

Our Honey

At Alpha Honey Health, we believe in the healing power of nature. Bees are unique insects, and their honey has been known for its excellent benefits in a wide range of affections. We wanted to ensure that everyone has access to the purest honey on Earth, no sugars added - Hive to Jar.

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We believe in Real Ingredients that promote Real Results for all skincare. That is why we use only edible grade Mānuka Honey MGO 100+ & Pure Honeybee Royal Jelly as the base foundation of our most exclusive skincare. Feed your skin natural ingredients.

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Royal Jelly Collection

Royal Jelly is a pure natural honeybee superfood produced exclusively by worker bees for the Queen bee herself. It is nutrient-dense and contains antioxidants and proteins found nowhere else in nature. Research indicates that royal jelly is responsible for extending the life of the Queen Bee to 4yrs vs. the typical 40day lifespan of worker bees.

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“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

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About Us

Our dedication to details in our honey production has earned us an A+ rating in the USA.

Our bees work very hard to pack one of the world’s purest plant based foods, therefore it is our job to bring their honey to your table exactly as nature made it.

We have been working closely with The Department of Agriculture, USDA Organic, and Stony Brook University to bring our community top notch quality health foods.

The Health, Happiness and Fitness of our communities is our mission.

Wealth Cannot Buy Health

We look forward to expanding our partnerships with you and other health promotion programs and businesses. Our mission is to improve the overall health of our neighbors and communities by promoting and producing clean, healthy plant based products

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Award Winning Taste

Alpha Honey® Health Arises from Pandemic to Win an International Taste and Quality Award!

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Award Winning Hanuka Manuka Honey
USDA Organic MGO 100+ Certified 100% Pure and Raw Royal Jelly

Don’t wait until the last minute to change your healthy habits.

Start now and make a positive impact on your life. Our honey is Queen Bee approved. Bee Happy, Healthy, Fit

What our customers have to say

"The Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly moisturizers really work! I have tried so many other creams on my hands and face and at first they feel great but my skin gets dry and cracked again within a few hours. These did not wear off and made my skin look so much better almost immediately. The fragrances are really amazing too! I am in love with these skin care products." – Elaine

"I love the Hanuka-Manuka Honey. It tastes amazing. The texture is like a honeycomb. Thank you for sending it." - Robyn B

"I tried the Manuka Honey and the Hanuka Manuka Honey - both Amazing! a must buy." – Kristin G.

"Found this at the food and wine fest Mohegan Sun. Great product. Wasn't sure at first but I have to say... I'm hooked. Please make a larger container!" – Matt L
MPL Solutions LLC

"The best ever, only complain is I wish I knew this product sooner!! What an incredible skincare line! Went from needing 5-6 products daily to only 2 (wash and moisturizer), how could I ever go back? NEVER! Thank you Alpha Honey, for changing my life forever!!!" – Pauline D.

"I take Manuka as my daily doze of vitamins and love love love it" – Karen

"This is the richest honey I've ever tasted." – Lolita R.

"Super fast delivery and love my Royal Hanuka Manuka, love the royal jelly in it." – Tina